How much are decals?

Prices vary based on the size of the decal, and not on the complexity of the buck. To view a complete listing of prices, including some bundle options, check out the drop-downs on each product page.

Do you have any tips for taking the best picture?

We've put together a number of examples showing how your final design can change based on the photo you send in. Show me how to take the perfect photo.

Also, check out our customer gallery to see how other hunters' designs have turned out. 

Trophystickers custom decal example image Trophystickers custom decal example image

What size image do I need to provide?

We want to provide the best decal possible, so the higher the resolution you can provide the better. If we can’t work with your image we’ll request another, or refund your money if a suitable photo is unavailable.

What sort of text should be used in the text fields?

Text is optional, but designs can hold two lines 24 characters long. A common text approach is to describe the deer itself.  For example:

Line 1: 178" B&C Score
Line 2: 26" Inside Spread

How long does it take to receive my completed design?

Please allow 10-14 business days for most designs to be created, and an additional time for shipping (dependent on your location). Each one is created by hand, and are put in the work queue as the order is placed. Please be aware that over holidays there can be long work queues which may slow down the design time, and that the post office can also experience delays in their delivery times

How do I apply my decal?

Check out this helpful video created by a Trophystickers.com customer:

 Do you produce any other game animals in addition to whitetails?

Yes, we are able to do any kind of deer; black tail, mule deer, axis, etc, as well as elk, moose or other antlered animals. Coyotes, wolves, bear skulls, or turkey tails are also possible. Don't let that list limit you though - email us to find out if we're designing your trophy animal's species yet! 

What do I do if my decal or tumbler does not meet my expectations?

Please click here to send us an email. We want to provide decals of the highest quality, and will address your concerns quickly. 

Final Comments:

At Trophystickers.com we aim to create designs of the highest quality to show off your trophy buck. On occasion we may need to use some creative liberty to get your image to work. At all times, we will do our best to deliver a design you can display proudly.