How do I apply my decal?

Check out this helpful video created by a Trophystickers.com customer:

What size image do I need to provide?

We want to provide the best decal possible, so the higher the resolution you can provide the better. If we can’t work with your image we’ll request another, or refund your money if a suitable photo is unavailable.

Do you have any tips for taking the best picture?

The best images are head-on shots. Some hunters turn their deer so a tine in the back will be more visible. However, when a deer is turned to its side, a sense of depth may be lost, and view of antlers overlapping may be less than ideal. We will usually turn down images that aren't head-on and ask for something better. Here are some examples of good angles for the best decals:

Trophystickers custom decal example image Trophystickers custom decal example image

Do you produce any other game animals in addition to whitetails?

While we specialize in whitetails, we are also able to work with any black tail, mule deer, or other antlered animals. Elk and moose involve other design considerations, but are also possible.

How long does it take to receive my completed decal?

Please allow 10-14 business days for most decals. Each decal is designed by hand, and a complex image may require more time.

What do I do if my decal does not meet my expectations?

Please click here to send us an email. We want to provide decals of the highest quality, and will address your concerns quickly. 

What sort of text should be used in the text fields?

Decals can hold two lines of text, 24 characters long. A common text approach is to describe the deer itself.  For example:

Line 1: 178" B&C Score
Line 2: 26" Inside Spread

I have several animals I want done, can I get a discount?

If you have a large order with 5+ deer, elk, or moose, send us an email with your images and text fields, and we'll send back a quote.

Final Comments:

At Trophystickers we aim to create decals of the highest quality to show off your trophy buck. On occasion we may need to use some creative liberty to get your image to work. At all times, we will do our best to deliver a decal you can display proudly.