Whitetail, Mule Deer, Blacktail, and Other Decals

Hi Folks, I've temporarily paused orders on the store to take a vacation. Check back soon and when this message is gone we're back up and running! Sorry for any inconvenience..  - John

Forget having a generic hunting decal on your truck like all your friends - show off YOUR biggest buck instead! Each design is created by hand before being printed on high-quality vinyl. To get started, all you need is a photo of your buck, bull, or other trophy uploaded below and we'll get started creating your custom decal.

"I sent in a picture of my non typical mule deer and didn't know how well it would turn out. Well I got the decal and was stunned completely on how perfect and on point the antlers were!" - Jacob

Want to see how other customer designs turned out? View our gallery, or visit us on Instagram

  • Add two descriptive lines of text "178" B&C Score" or "26" Inside Spread"
  • Printed on clear vinyl to give it more durability, not simply cut out on a craft machine
  • 3-5 year life expectancy in all weather elements
  • Discount on future prints/engravings once we've done your trophy once!
  • Want a bulk price on this order? If you want multiple prints of a single design, send an email

Pay attention to the angle (either exactly centered head-on or at a 45 degree angle), here are some examples of good deer photo angles.

Haven't applied vinyl before? Check out this customer-made video showing how to put on your Trophystickers decal.


  • 4" - Ideal for on a laptop. 
  • 6" - Put it on your gun case or corner of a truck window.
  • 8" & 10" - Both will look good on a vehicle, depending on how big you want it to look. We recommend 10" for a truck.

All designs will include a reference to Trophystickers.com - see the Customer Gallery for examples of this in action. 

"The stickers are stunning, & extremely easy to apply as they are printed on clear sheets (you don't have to worry about separate letters or ruining the skull when you peal it off) which is very nice. Great price for such quality work." - Danielle